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About Us.

Opened in 2015 by co-owners Tom and Susy, we are a family-owned small business whose mission is to create an inviting atmosphere for you to get your nails done. Stop by for a walk-in or call us at 608-519-8333 for an appointment, we would love to see your lovely faces! 


Winter Hours (Dec-Feb)
Tuesday - Friday
  • 9:30am - *6:00pm

  • 9:30am - *6:00pm

  • 11:am - *5:00pm
* Extended hours can be accomodated by appointments
Spring-Fall Hours
Tuesday - Friday
  • 9:30am - 7:00pm

  • 9:30am - 7:00pm

  • 11:am - 5:00pm

Make every treatment


Regular Service

Colors only (regular): $10

Color only (gel): $25

Gel Manicures: $30

Regular Manicures: $20

Gel Pedicure: $40

Regular Pedicure: $35

Mani+Pedi combo: $45-$50

Full Set: $45

Fill w/gel: $35

Special Services

Polish Change: $10-$15

Nail Design: $5

Nail Repair: $3-$5

Nail Take-Off: $10-$15

French/White Manicure: $35

UV gel: $35

Gift Cards/Deals

Please check in-store for current offers. 

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